Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

Welcome to the website for Cold A Long Time, a book about solving a 23-year-old mystery and exposing a shocking cover-up. Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Award.

"One of the biggest cover-up cases I've ever seen." -Margaret McLean, former Boston prosecutor and law professor

Cold a Long Time ist jetzt in der deutschen Fassung Eiskalter Tod erschienen und erhaeltlich im Buchhandel und auf Amazon.

"Leake deftly sifts through evidence and interviews and comes to several disturbing conclusions. But the book is just as enthralling for its documentation of the devastating experience endured by Duncan’s parents, for whom “all those years of not knowing what had happened to their child had created a special kind of hell.” Their drive to discover what happened to Duncan is as inspirational as it is heartbreaking." -NUVO Magazine


Trailer narrated by Bill Paxton, music by Omid Zoufonoun

"It started as a simple request by his parents to help them understand what had happened to their son Duncan MacPherson.  Author John Leake's quest for the truth became voracious and, at his own expense, he pursued further evidence, examinations and interviews. I find that the result is certainly a credible and compelling presentation of conclusions that are hard to deny as the truth of this matter."  -Lynne D. Herold, Ph.D., Biological Sciences, Forensic Scientist

"This is a story that hits very close to home--a story that shows how bad things can happen to great families. Duncan was a great guy and the thoughts of his former teammates will always be with him and his family."  -Wendel Clark, former Saskatoon Blade, later captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs

"An absolute page-turner. I couldn't put it down." -Dan Russell, host of Sports Talk. 

"I guarantee that two things will happen as you read this book — you will shake your head in disbelief on more than one occasion, and you will wipe more than one tear off your cheeks. This is a memorable book." -Gregg Drinnan, Taking Note

“Leake skillfully and exhaustively takes a complex story and makes it eminently readable.” -Rob Vanstone, The Regina Leader-Post

"As shocking and sinister as it is plausible." -Joe Pelletier, Hockey Book Reviews

"...strong and compelling." -Kevin Mitchell, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"Besides research and writing skills, John Leake brought some crucial assets to the project--fluency in German and a knowledge of the region, its politics, and economics. Linden MacIntyre, host of the CBC's fifth estate.

"An absolute page-turner. I love this book!" -John Gormley, host of John Gormley Live.

"When the MacPhersons asked John Leake to write the book, they not only got a great writer, they also got a great investigative journalist. Cold a Long Time is written with great clarity. emotional, compelling book." -Mark Pulham, Crime Magazine

"You can't get Todd McLellan to do anything but watch hockey video, with the exception of reading this book." -Drew Remenda, host of Sports Night Live

"This may be the most unbelievable thing I've ever read. The story is amazing and my God, Lynda MacPherson is my hero. A warrior in every sense of the word who stopped at nothing to find out the truth about what happened to her son. As a hockey player, Duncan was a hard-nosed battler on the ice and after reading this book, it's obvious where his work ethic and toughness came from...." Joe Lozito, Amazon customer review.

"Duncan MacPherson’s body was allowed to vanish in hopes that no one would care about one foreign skier. The authorities did not bank on the dogged determination of the MacPhersons and the investigative acuity of John Leake to ferret out and publicize the facts." -Curled Up with a Good Book