Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

Welcome to the website for Cold A Long Time (deutsche Fassung Eiskalter Toda book about solving a 23-year-old mystery and exposing a shocking cover-up. Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Award.

In August of 1989, Duncan MacPherson--a pro hockey player from Saskatoon, Canada--vanished without a trace in Europe. With no help from the police, his parents, Lynda and Bob, drove all over the Alps looking for him, and finally found his car at the Stubai Glacier, a popular ski resort near Innsbruck, Austria. Thus began their titanic struggle to discover why their son had disappeared after snowboarding on a beginner slope. Had he, as the local police suggested, wandered off the beaten track and died in a remote area, or had he been the victim of something sinister? 

Fourteen years later, his body reappeared on the same ski slope on which he'd last been seen, but the recovery of his corpse only deepened the mystery, because no police investigation or autopsy were conducted in order to determine the cause and manner of his death. 

Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery recounts the strange and agonizing odyssey of the MacPherson family. It is a story about tremendous love, perseverance, and the irrepressible desire to know the truth, literally at all costs. It is also the story of a twisted cover-up, committed by the ski resort, the local police, and high-ranking officials in Innsbruck.

Leake's findings are the subject of the television documentary "A Cold Case," produced by the fifth estate--Canada's premier investigative news program.
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Trailer narrated by Bill Paxton, music by Omid Zoufonoun