Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery/ Eiskalter Tod

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 Praise for Cold a Long Time

"I guarantee that two things will happen as you read this book — you will shake your head in disbelief on more than one occasion, and you will wipe more than one tear off your cheeks. This is a memorable book." -Gregg Drinnan, Taking Note

“Leake skillfully and exhaustively takes a complex story and makes it eminently readable.”  -Rob Vanstone, The Regina Leader-Post

" shocking and sinister as it is plausible."  -Joe Pelletier, Hockey Book Reviews

 "Besides research and writing skills, John Leake brought some crucial assets to the project--fluency in German and a knowledge of the region, its politics, and economics.  -Linden MacIntyre, host of the fifth estate

"What a compelling read! I love this book." -John Gormley, host of John Gormley Live.

"When the MacPhersons asked John Leake to write the book, they not only got a great writer, they also got a great investigative journalist.  Cold a Long Time is written with great clarity. emotional, compelling book."   -Mark Pulham, Crime Magazine

"You can't get Todd Mclellan to do anything but watch hockey video, with the exception of reading this book."  -Drew Remenda, host of Sports Night Live

"This may be the most unbelievable thing I've ever read. The story is amazing and my God, Lynda MacPherson is my hero. A warrior in every sense of the word who stopped at nothing to find out the truth about what happened to her son. As a hockey player, Duncan was a hard-nosed battler on the ice and after reading this book, it's obvious where his work ethic and toughness came from...." Joe Lozito, Amazon customer review.