Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

 I noticed that a lot of viewers of the fifth estate documentary A Cold Case, which was based on my findings, have lingering doubts and questions.  I welcome everyone who is interested in Duncan's case to post their questions here, and I will do my best to answer them. 

Written by John Leake — February 24, 2012


Karen Welk:

I have seen the Fifth Estate program, read the book, and looked at all the related websites, including the comment section on the Fifth Estate webpage, regarding the program that was aired. Obviously without thoroughly becoming acquainted with the facts, people made some rather harsh and hurtful comments. I urge anyone that has an interest or concern with this story to read the book. It is very insightful. Having someone else validate all the cover-up issues with Duncan’s death must have been so extremely helpful to the MacPherson’s in finding closure after all these years. However, I find it appalling that this misdeed is still going unresolved and no one has been made accountable. Once the hiding of the tragedy was initiated things snowballed I’m sure, and more and more people became involved, perhaps without at first realizing how serious the situation was. Once they did, no one wanted to admit culpability. They all must have thought the problem would just go away and what difference did it make anyway…a question that could be answered passionately by the MacPherson’s. I admire their perseverance in spite of the hopelessness and frustration they must have felt and I am so glad that Duncan’s body did finally surface, as disturbing as it must have been. Skiing in a public area should be as safe as it can be made to be. Accidents do happen but measures should be in place to prevent as much as possible. The lack of discipline regarding follow-up of non-returned rental equipment is beyond incompetent. There is also a moral obligation for anyone aware of a possible missing person to notify the proper authorities. Better safe than sorry. Even people skiing together could loose track of one another and assume that the other individual had left the area. Skiing alone does not excuse the ski resort from not following up on a possible missing person. No grooming equipment should be allowed on the hill until all rental equipment has been returned and a thorough check done of the area beforehand. Never mind that someone who had not rented equipment, could be injured and lying on the hill. I feel sorry for the people who have had to live with the knowledge of their error and cover-up all these years but for heaven’s sake – do the right thing and acknowledge this and give the MacPherson’s the peace of mind they deserve.

March 18 2012 at 03:03 PM


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