Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery

13 January 2013: Feature in the Viennese daily, Kurier

18 January 2013: Interview on Austrian Television on the occasion of the Austrian release of Cold a Long Time (German translation, Eiskalter Tod). 

29 January 2013: The Foeger family from Tyrol invited me to give a talk about the book as part of an Information Evening on their own struggle for truth and justice. The family believes--and there is strong evidence to support their conviction--that the brutal murder of Angelika Foeger (see Andere Faelle) was not properly investigated and that key evidence was suppressed. In an attempt to obtain greater clarity about this case, I hired American forensic experts to analyze the crime scene photos, and they came to the conclusion that the crime scene does NOT correspond to the official reconstruction of murder. This indicates that the official culprit, who was convicted in 1991, made a false confession.  My contribution to the discussion begins at 8:55 on the counter. 

30 January 2013: Well TV International interview about Eiskalter Tod.